Contract Surveying

Carrington Recruitment has always been about niche markets, being able to offer candidates and clients actual knowledge on their industry. One of the markets to recently emerge has been Surveying with a particular focus on Cadastral Surveying. However rather than offering clients a simple candidate for permanent role situation we have focused on assisting New Zealand trained Surveyors with contract work. We have a Surveyor working with us which allows us to have first-hand experience within the sector. That experience benefits our candidates as well as our clients. This has been a great experience for Kiwi's who aren't quite sure about their next career move. A key for us has been Kiwi's returning from overseas, contract work is a perfect opportunity to feel out the local market before making fixed career decisions. Earning a little more money has never been a complaint of anyone’s either.

We always have multiple contract roles throughout New Zealand, again with a focus on Cadastral Surveying. Contact us anytime if you would like further information.