Taranaki is unlike any other place you’ve ever lived.

The province, set on the scenic west coast of New Zealand’s North Island plays host to many outdoor adventure spots and is know as ‘the only place you can ski and surf in a day’. Whether you’re into rock-climbing, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, surfing, the arts, or a relaxing day at the beach (one for the many beautiful beaches dotted around Taranaki), it’s all here waiting for you to discover.

Surrounding iconic Mount Taranaki, the region is a playground where you can fulfil your dreams at your own pace. A place where work and lifestyle become one. Abundant with fantastic working opportunities and the home of New Zealand’s oil and gas industry, Taranaki has a thriving  provincial economy, playing host to many great businesses within the engineering, dairy, tourism, entrepreneurial businesses, and primary and food production industries.

With nearly 2,500 hours of sunshine in 2012, Taranaki boasts a great climate meaning you’re able to maximise your surroundings and make the most of all the region has to offer. With the coastline stretching north and south of New Plymouth, offering fantastic surfing, fishing, boating, swimming, and beach action there’s no excuse!

To top it off, the region boasts New Zealand’s highest advertised average pay packet, and highest growth in GDP, while retaining an affordable cost of living. The local economy is booming, increasing nearly 50% between 2007 and 2010 – the largest increase for any region in New Zealand.

This means there are plenty of well-paid jobs, your dollar goes a lot further, and unlike many other regions across New Zealand, owning your own home is an achievable reality. Taranki also offers a great schooling system, with a large selection of primary and secondary schools available.

Extremely accessible Taranaki is only a short trip to major cities by plane or car, as well as neighbouring major tourist destinations such as Rotorua and Taupo.

If sport is your thing, be sure to don the ‘yellow and black’ and show your true colours supporting the local teams. Sport and Taranaki go hand-in-hand, and there’s always a spot on a local team (or the sideline) for you.

Or perhaps it’s the arts that takes your fancy? Grab your tickets to one of the many events around Taranaki, including Tropfest – the world’s largest short-film festival, the Taranaki International Arts Festival, and WOMAD – the World of Music, Arts and Dance.

Make the move that you’ll never regret and experience Taranaki for yourself. Friendly people, unbelievable sights and unique experiences await you.

What are you waiting for? Time to make a move ‘like no other’.

Get in touch with any questions or queries you have surrounding a move to Taranaki, we’re here to help you make a smooth transition into your dream lifestyle move today.